Thursday, March 15, 2012


I was trained in school to believe that spiritual gifts had ceased. Not so strangely, when one believes they have ceased....they have.

Later I learned a great secret of God is that He gifts His followers in various manners...still. Some are gifted in mercy, others in giving, etc. One of Memorial Drive's staffers, Jason Thornton, has blessed our work (and mine in particular) through his PLACE program that has helped this congregation know where individuals are gifted and where we are not.

This has become a blessed awareness. Everyone fits in. Not one among us is one-size-fits-all. The teamwork and the church harmony resulting from Jason's careful mentoring has set this congregation on a new course of joyful productivity. We have learned that we all fit and exactly where we fit.

Spiritual gifts tell us a couple of things at the moment:

  1. If we are gifted in one area we can assume we are clutsy in about 100 areas.

  2. And even in the area we are gifted, such comes from God and not ourselves.

Therefore, we have much to be thankful in that God would share His fragments of skill with each of us and that the body would keep us in spite of our obvious lack.

Spiritual gifts....needed from God because we are so inept without Him. The church has such life because we dare to allow Father to provide that which we cannot possibly muster on our own...effectiveness. What a gift!

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