Wednesday, February 08, 2012


To move within God's system becomes more intriguing day by day. For me, every day is like returning from a seminar. I'm pumped!

I don't know that you would need this, but in case it would help, I want to remind you to work on one major shift. The work of God is the difference between light and dark when we shift from creating ministries and asking God to please bless them (please-oh-please-oh-please) when, on the other hand our job is to pay attention to where God is working and we get on board with Him.

As a young church leader wishing to prove my prowess, I ushered in many an idea. Some of them took. Some didn't. All had some measure of nobility, I thought, but not all evidently had the Leader convinced.

Today is so much different for me. All I do is watch for Him; that's all. God is fascinatingly able to open some doors and close others. I told my kids from early on walk through the open doors and don't force your way through the closed ones.

God is very interested in our kingdom labors. He has that knack of both supplying and withholding at the perfect time. He is in control.

Be encouraged. God knows our street addresses. He knows our hearts' desires. Every day is a gift from Him. Look at it. Pay attention to it. Respond accordingly.

My life is a wow! But in the last few years it seems it has been a wowie!

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