Friday, February 10, 2012


During the exciting World Series in October, Tony La Russa went to the mound in late innings to change pitchers. When the reliever came running in from the bullpen, Tony said, What are you doing here? Reports in camp two weeks ago were that some on the bench heard the Pitching Coach request that pitcher to get up and throwing...the wrong one.

I recently ordered new checks; a second order. We had received an earlier order six month ago when we moved. After sufficient time, I called the bank out of concern that the checks had not been shipped. They had been my old address...with my new address on the checks. (What?) (Say that again?)

Is it any wonder society struggles to get along let alone function? Communication has a hard time around people. We may think one thing and say another and then argue about it because our minds know exactly what we were thinking; no one else. Yet, our lips betray while the mind does not know where the delete key is. Our spouses and friends do.

Communication has a hard time around people. One can say wrong or one can hear wrong. If it is both then it starts to get sort of funny. My word to you this day is don't be surprised about it. The Cardinals won the series and I went to my old house and retrieved my new set of checks. isn't easy being people.

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