Sunday, November 13, 2011


Go places the flesh is afraid to go. That is how to experience God.

Safety in the church/kingdom is a grand dilutent to the work at hand. We are to be a people about the work of God; not the ability of the human mind.

When we fear we are poised for failure. Love casts out fear.

The tendency to protect our image must go. How do you think Peter looked to his colleagues as he traipsed out onto the water toward Jesus without giving it appropriate analysis?

I'm preaching on this today and I can't wait. God has shown me so many things. Few of the wows ever came because I was cautious and walked with the herd-thinking. When it gets down to the marvelous experience of God, we will usually find that such happens when we are alone.

The church is bursting at wishing to burst...from the pew. Launch out into the deep...often alone...and expect God to be there ahead of you. Train your senses to know what is of Him or of your own dull imagination by practice. He calls for it.

Our young are bored because we groom them to be respectable and moderate in their faith. Interiorly, I think they hunger to experience God. May we show them how.

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