Monday, November 14, 2011


Former Cardinal catcher, Mike Matheny, has been a good friend over the past few years. If I could be like any man I ever met, it would be Mike.

He is a great leader and a strong Christian. His faith is a visible walk. The last time we were in camp, Mike was the chapel speaker. He is a powerful tool for God.

My small group that meets on Sunday evenings has been praying for two weeks regarding Mike's role of being one of six interviewees for the St. Louis Cardinals managerial post.

Last night the group had been praying about 40 minutes which included our call for God to pay attention to Mike in his quest.

When we concluded that time, my cell phone rang. It was my son Tim. Dad, have you heard what the Cardinals just announced? It's Mike Matheny! Our small group whooped and hollered!

I just thought you might like to be in on this God story. The connections are fascinating and I am proud for my friend.


Larry Wishard said...

Very cool. I am excited that your heart is full of joy over this. We need some good news regarding coaches and managers.
Praise God!

Vasca said...

Thanks for posting that...connections are really electrifying!

Best wishes to Mike and God's blessings on the wonderful work he can do through his connection to the Source.