Thursday, August 04, 2011


Walls baffle our future mobility. We seems to encounter them in cycles. They might be shocking news or stunning reports or simply deep discouragement. Overwhelmed would be the sensation for each.

So what shall we do?

For too long I tried to maneuver each barricade with analysis and plot. Failure usually followed. Being a dreamer I would then do my best to create yet another set or two of concepts which might resolve the puzzling dilemma. More failure.

Finally, I learned to use these exasperating moments as "training seminars" to teach me how to rely upon God. Simply said, I know; but not easily encountered by my control-timed brain.

My mistake was in persistent effort of trying to fix things and people. Seldom would I succeed. When God convinced me I couldn't, He began to persuade me He could. Thus, from the "training seminars", I learned that God runs the show....and I don't. How quick of a learner must I be?

What can we really do to succeed when success isn't within our abilities?

When facing a mountain range of trouble, try to remember God's Red Sea power. When tempted to write off a failing friend, think about Jesus' compassionate style with the woman at the well. When suffocating by thoughts of distress and grief, lean upon the call to lift the eyes of your heart to the riches and the power and the glory of God....Ephesians 1:18ff. When buried in situations which kill the heart, apply God's resurrection power toward us who believe...Romans 4:17-25.

God isn't God only to call us to a church assembly. He is our God to walk with us and live within us day by day for the good, the bad, and the ugly. Jesus died to heal. Draw near to him when without explanation or proof such a move will be of any benefit. Let Him be Him. He knows how to bring about hope. We learn this when attending "training seminars" that He knows how to bring about hope. Good days or bad...hope reigns...Romans 5:1-5.

A threat we must take seriously is that we would be attending one of God's specially designed training seminars....and not realize we were there.

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