Tuesday, June 14, 2011


How do you handle those who have self-assigned their task to freely offer constant correction of your work?  Such persons are out there.  When they get our goats, it is time to reverse the tactic.  Rather than beginning to boil, go to school.  Learn from the encounter(s).

This was extremely hard for me in the beginning.  I didn't like it.  Opening a brotherhood paper and reading false accusations were of utmost disturbance.  I fought back.  And...then I began to learn.

One who lives to persecute thrives on our responses.  It makes their day.  I determined to cease to contribute to "their day". 

Some have chipped at me while others hammered.  This really caught me off guard.  I assumed this stuff was over back in Jesus' day.  Now I realize this is also Jesus' day.  He wasn't fooling when he said we would catch it for standing with him.  We get into big trouble. 

There are two kinds of trouble; the kind we get when we do dumb stuff and the kind we receive when standing as Jesus among the flock.  The latter will happen to every church leader.  We will perpetually wrestle with whether to respond or keep quiet. 

And then we see Jesus.  Sometimes he would give strong rebuke.  Other times he kept his mouth shut and was led to the slaughter.  In Jesus we see an open or shut case. 

How do we know which way is the correct response in our situations?  Both are possibilities.  One is best for the moment.  May he lead us to determine the one for today's challenge.

I will give response as long as I think the inquirer is sincere.  When I sense it is otherwise, I don't have any desire to engage in such frivolity.


Tim Archer said...

Well said, Terry. Some people make negativity a hobby. Constructive criticism is a blessing; other criticism should be ignored.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rush, thank you so much for the encouragement, and so timely as we get ready to lead a rather large mission group soon that includes some of types of whom you speak.

Al Maxey said...

A huge AMEN, Terry. Thank you for these marvelous insights, and thank you especially for being the man of God that you are. You are an inspiration to so many of us. May God continue to keep you safe and strong, and may His Spirit continue to guide you. Love you, brother!! Al Maxey