Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Did Jesus really arise from the dead?  Is such factual and actual?  Or, is it just one more hokey idea man's idle mind has developed over time.

How did the disciples transition from cowardly doubt to bold proclamation that Jesus had come back from the tomb?  They experienced him.  It wasn't that they saw the empty grave and declared their faith.  He appeared to them.....and then their belief molecules began to kick in!

How is the modern neighborhood to know that Jesus has arisen?  They are to see his body in living  The church's existence declares he is back.  We are his physical presence.  We don't represent him.  We are him.

When one ponders the incredible stupidity the church has displayed over the centuries (our failures, flaws, and misgivings) shouldn't the church have disappeared by now?  It hasn't because it is the body of Christ...which will both endure and survive time.

Jesus not only was back; he is back!  See the church?  See Jesus.  He is here.  How do you explain the church's perpetual existence.  We are Jesus in the flesh.  The persecution of others plus the errors of our own failures cannot bring this body to an end.

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Steven Hovater said...

Not only is Jesus, He is enthroned! As are we, If I read Ephesians 1 and 2 right!