Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Me:  What do you think impacts the church most favorably toward positive change?

Terry:  It seems an increased awareness of praise toward God has renewed congregation after congregation.  I would have never figured such a move would create such magnitude of blessing; mainly because I was works-focused rather than praise oriented.  Praising God has everything to do with heart focus and divine relationship connection.

Me:  What would you venture to say is one of the most overlooked secrets to opening the kingdom to our walk?

Terry:  This one is easy.  Giving.  Giving is mocked, avoided, and disrespected.  That in itself should tell us something for dark forces blind the church to this substantial secret.  Yet, within it is the truthful key to unlock blessings and glory of God.  Our giving is tied directly to God's grace; His talent and skill within us.  The more we let go of earthly monetary dependence the more we receive heavenly "you've-got-to-be-kidding" provision.  His supply is what we have always wanted...and needed.

Me:  Do you think the Bible is losing its significance in today's modern church?

Terry:  Not at all.  Now some might be downplaying its role, but I think it is so ultra-sharp that it will find culture becoming dull before culture makes such a claim toward the Word.  The Bible is alert to us.  It pierces listening ears all the way to the heart.  We should be gaining confidence in it.  I think we are trusting it more as we learn more.  Its effectiveness is not declining.

Me:  Now that the topic of the Holy Spirit has been reintroduced into the church in the past fifteen years or so, do you think the church has swung to yet another wrong side of the truth pendulum? 

Terry:  I don't think so.  I don't think we have touched the hem of the current garment anymore than we have done so regarding the Father and the Son.  We are way behind and always will be.  I don't see our people leaning toward abuse of the Holy Spirit.  We are, and will hopefully always be, continuing to grow in Him.

Me: Thanks, Terry, for taking the time to let me interview you today. 

Terry: problem.  Stop by anytime.  And hey....remember....everything is a yes!


Terry Rush said...

And just why did I interview myself? Swindoll and Yancey were not in town!

Anonymous said...

Great interview!


Anonymous said...

Great thoughts! I think you enjoyed that a little too much. j

wc said...

you should hire yourself. you both seemed to really hit it off.