Saturday, May 07, 2011


I returned a few hours ago from the Pepperdine Lectures; fatigued and elated.  This year was no different.  The event was simply a profound success. 

Jerry Rushford did that thing he does as good as any I know.  He orchestrated an exhausting combination of speakers, events, programs, and dinners.  Thousands attend.  All are blessed.  Nothing has been created to say "Thank you" well enough.  Nothing.

BTW....Jerry and I continue to laugh about how some mix our names and even mix our events.  A lady complained to me that I never put her on the program...and she thought I was Jerry Rushford.  This week, on two separate occasions, individuals referenced me as Terry Rushford.

From Chris Smith to Don McLaughlin, the keynoters were certainly on key.  God helped me with my three classes with His style of participation which left me extremely satisfied and grateful.  He did it.

Hallal is always on.  Friday night's Children's Chorus was an absolute home run.  Overall, my favorite thing is noting the age of the crowd---up there in years---who still hungers to learn from the Word.  They aren't there to seek Branson.  They find great joy in learning of the King.

On a side note I can tell I am one of those getting up there in years.  I've always struggled with the terrain; going uphill so steeply.  NEVER had it even occurred to me I would be in pain going downhill.  Calves ached going up.  Shin splints going down.  What will it be like when I turn 64?

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