Tuesday, November 23, 2010


All through my years of ministry it is not unusual to find a few here and there who esteem themselves a few spiritual steps above the rest of us.  Ah, one might find me there on occasion.  Either way, it isn't a good thing.

In the bus ministry there were a handful who felt more devoted than the rest.  They operated from constant criticism of the workers, the church leaders, and basically Christianity in its present form.  Too, there were those who gathered in large conventions to discuss our discipleship failings....and their successes.  Even today the exasperation of the church not being radical enough finds some pulling away for we are not good enough for their assumed faithful prowess.

A thread of clear irony runs through all of these moods.  Dissatisfaction.  Unhappiness.  And eventually, if not immediately, far less fruit than those they criticize and abhor for their perceived lack of godly devotion. 

I enjoy some of the things which accompanies discipleship as is also found in radicalism.  Yet, Jesus is the maintained way for all who hover over truth.  His fruit in spirit form is love, kindness, patience, etc.  Irritation, frustration, and impatience are not a mark of commitment to the true gospel.  It is the signal of the opposite.

I hear complaint of us not being in the community.  That's odd.  When I'm at the public school or in the businesses working into neighbors' lives or at the emergency room of a non-Christian or doing a funeral for such....I don't seem to ever run into the radicals who want us to be serving more like Jesus.  Why is that?

Why are these who feel more devoted to the Master smiling less, cooperating less, and bearing fruit less?  Could it be that all of us have to take our turns at eating crow?  I surely have.  I've been a religious idiot in the past over my self-nobility.  What's scary is a fear such days aren't over.

There's a lot of spiritual talk.  Oddly, there is an abundance of Holy Spirit fruit.  Usually the latter doesn't proceed from the former.  Granted, we all have much room for improvement.  The code in such a statement is found in "all".  I know of no one who has arrived.  We really could use the support for one another.  No one is exempt. 

May we strive to develop hearts of compassion for the world and for each of us who try to serve Him from the avenue of faith....as weak and sorry as some may believe it to be.

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