Monday, November 29, 2010


Patch is my dog.  He was found abandoned in a ditch east of Tulsa two years ago as a newborn.  Now he lives in my back yard.  Patch is quite social....and funny.

While Mary and I were at Dusty's over Thanksgiving, Patch got out twice.  He hadn't been out...ever.  Our neighbor Jenny called as she found the dog out.  I told her to put him back.

Later on Thanksgiving Day I received a call from another (new) neighbor who didn't know us.  She had Patch at her house.  I called to tell her when we would be home. 

I rang the doorbell and a nice man in his mid-30s answered.  Hi, I'm Patch's dad.  Patch and their dog were at his heels to see who was visiting....tails a-wagging!  Both dogs and the man came outside and I thanked him.  He stopped and yelled at his four and six year old boys to come say goodbye to Patch.  They were sad. 

Patch found this family on a walk Thursday afternoon and tagged along.  He was proud as punch, I'm sure, to go somewhere with the neighbors!

Later in the afternoon, I took one of my MVP books by as a gift of appreciation.  The wife was home and she seemed quite pleased to receive the book.  Too, she invited Patch to stay with them when we leave town again. 

What will come of all this?  Possibly a door opened for kingdom value.  My Patch....he is an evangelist....simply by running away.  It is all so natural.

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