Friday, August 13, 2010


Kingdom life is a serious experience.  No one should take it for granted.  It is the most beautiful and awesome system which leads to a most fulfilling life.  Jesus is the heartbeat and the Spirit is the energetic skill.  The Father creates and sustains resulting in unchartable productivity.  I want in on all of that!

A basic launching pad into this wonder-world of His is the mind; whether we are willing to open it.  To open it means we are vulnerable to learning.  Too many in the church---especially those of us who claim to be some sort of leader---are no longer in pursuit of God.  Rather the course of action is preservative.

A false assumption that the New Testament church has been restored has culled teachings from our walk and left us with defendings.  What has to happen as a result of this mistaken cadence is we naturally slip into law...however new we want to mark is still law.  Law won't fellowship Spirit for it understands none of its lingo.

The willing mind is essential because Truth has not been completely restored; as the closed mind would have us believe.  If so why have churches bought more and more land instead of selling off our property as is exemplified in our claimed charter book, Acts?  If we have why are so many congregations---including the one I'm in at times---so non-productive?  If Truth has been restored why does the divisive nature of Satan rule among us stronger than the unifying Spirit of Jesus?

The willing mind must be just that; willing.  We must be willing to look at the word.  Liberalism doesn't disregard the Word.  It disregards conservative fear of study.  New isn't a liberal word.  It is a New Testament word; new birth, new creation, new life.

We are a blessed, graced, clueless people who are grateful to learn just an nth of God's glory.  There's more.  May we be thrilled over learning it day by day....that we may conclude Him!

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