Saturday, August 14, 2010


I attended Crosstown's Evangelism Seminar with Stafford North this morning.  I had enough other things to do and wasn't enthused about the short trip across town. 

The morning was highly encouraging.  While the speaker is 80 years old and a group of area leaders averaging maybe 68 years in age, I was impressed that 125 or so would continue their interest in reaching our communities.  Granted the young ones were elsewhere and may God bless them in their pursuit of what works in church growth.

I am proud of Stafford for being 80 and remaining afire for God's cause.  His wife was scheduled to make the trip with him but cancelled as four ladies in her prison ministry were being baptized this morning in Oklahoma City.

There were possibly fifteen congregations represented.  That amount and the actual attendance figure are rather moot points.  But the interest in our a beautiful trait among us.

I salute Charlie Kymes and the Crosstown congregation for making yet another key move to keep us motivated.  We have good news to share; good and news and share are operative keys to God's seeing that His light shines through us!

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