Thursday, March 18, 2010


Christians walk on a rug which is constantly being pulled out from under them. This is designed to keep believers staggering near the center-line of unbelief. For example, consider how the carnal world has warped God's forceful theme of giving. It is mocked on purpose to influence others to no longer believe in one of God's greatest truths. The world is robbed because giving has been so ingenuously maligned.

There is another truth we have lost. Once again we are blindsided by giving such assumption credence. That truth being given away to darkness is whether God does speak to His people directly. He very much does; but so many want to claim this as a modern-day hoax.

What? God talks to you? If you believe He does, have you ever been tempted to keep that little twist to yourself? Mockery the blindsided church.

Yes. God speaks to me. I seek Him and He answers. Why else would I pray? Is it not silly to go through the motions of Christian prayer with the understanding He isn't going to respond? When there is no communication between two, there is no relationship. For those who are in the church simply as Hell insurance, this non-speaking relationship is quite adequate. Yet, for those of us engaged in His work, we no longer accept the lie that God has been mute for 2000 years.

His Bible says we are co-laborers with Him. How does that work without talking? Sign language? We do the talking and He serves us and our motions in silence?

Didn't James urge God's children to seek wisdom; to ask for it? Didn't he also write that such wisdom will be delivered coming down from heaven? Wouldn't wisdom out of heaven be answers to our questions?

How does He sound? While I'm no expert, I am an experiencer of His voice. The best I can describe it is He gives me ideas; His ideas. He is steady with the supply. I once built my messages on my own research steam. Now, and for a long time, I have continued my diligent study of the Word and coupled it with seeking direction from Him.

When I stumble badly then the doubters are ready with their mocking posters declaring God does not do as I say. More rug pulling. Satan has always tried to blind believers by accusing others in their failure.

So awaken to the truth of God based on God and not on human learners. God loves to engage with His people in the greatest show on earth....His kingdom. Try to avoid being blindsided by what you think is respectable and middle-of-the-road doctrine.

God has a voice and He uses it.


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