Thursday, January 14, 2010


Be prepared to not understand this blog. I write as if I'm clueless myself as to what I'm about to say. I think, though, it is an important point.

Who are you? Who are we in the deepest regions of reality? What are we really like?

Who you really are is a person very much like Christ. Your flaws aren't the main you. Your sins aren't you. Your body (as is) will not enter heaven due to sin, but the you you will. The you that is strong, that is faithful, that is respectable...that you will slip through the veil into the invisible wonder of wonders.

You are fascinating. The main part of you is deliberate, responsible, and pure. The guilt part of you...that offensive not who you are. You are saved from your sins. Salvation is the you; not the disappointment and treachery.

No, I'm not sending you on an ego trip. I'm introducing you to the main part of you; the righteousness of Jesus that you now possess...II Cor. 5:21.

Humanity lives on a cynical and critical edge. We judge when we have little knowledge about that which we judge. We are quick to put down and slow to build up. As a result, we live assuming the biggest part of self is rotted.

Not true.

The main portion of a person is that saved soul which feasts upon the magnificent table of abundant life Jesus promised. We don't barely get by. We don't eek our way through the pearly gates. We step in firm cadence with head held high in honor because we believe Jesus makes us something so great even we can hardly imagine how marvelous we really are.

Ego? No...not near. Faith? Intentionally so.

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WMC said...

Printing it out and posting it at my desk. Love it. Love you!