Friday, November 13, 2009


A positive thing I like about the church is it works at being biblical based and spiritually responsible. When such is a central part of the kingdom fabric, we can count on stability.

Our world gets rocked with steady upset and discouragement. What do we do about it? How do we hang in there?

First, we admit every one's concerns are legit as each is doing his or her best to seek what's best for the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Any of us might be selfish, but certainly that is not our intent. And if we catch ourselves behaving that way, we are overall willing to back down.

Second, how we hang in there is we simply recall the empty tomb. Our God is the God of many things but I know of none more fascinating than being the Lord of possibilities. Our problems are not that challenges face us. Our basic struggle is that we forget He is both the provider and the protector when we feel absolutely clueless.

Now clueless I get! I know of no one in the kingdom more clueless....and that isn't a false humility statement. Show God your weakest link and He'll show you His mighty muscle. We can breathe easy and at the same time help others breathe easy because God will show us possibility.

How do we hang in there? Together. I hold on to you. You hold on to me. While we may be least it will be together. Now this we can live with.

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This one was just for me, wasn't it?