Monday, June 15, 2009


I am more and more impressed with how impressive God is....and how unimpressive I am. It would be discouraging if it weren't so important that Jesus continually be the one that lives in us.

I keep thinking, How much more growing have I yet to do? Then I pick up the simplest book to read about the nature of Jesus and I realize I haven't arrived at the game yet? I'm stuck on the practice field.

God has life mastered. He knows every in and out; nook and cranny. I think one of the factors which looms largely in my soul is growing in assurance of the Other World. The invisibles are real. But so much visual about us impacts as it bids for our attention.

Being aliens in this temporary land doesn't feel very alien or temporary. It feels like if smart enough we can keep self around longer than others have managed. We fight to stay here.

Confidence in the reality of the Other World surely helps us grow in managing the temporary apartment we know inhabit. I don't seem to be gaining ground. He keeps increasing. When He does He seems to move the yard markers. I'm always reaching. But this thing about God I like....He is always reaching back. Really....He started it.


Stoogelover said...

Your blogs keep bringing me back to reality! Thanks so much, Terry. Heard a good sermon on Sunday where the speaker (it was on video) talked about the children of Israel in Egypt, praying for 400 years to be delivered. Four hundred years of God's silence. The speaker (Andy Stanley) said, "We pray for four days and, if there's no answer, assume there is no God."

Anonymous said...

Same here [what Stoogelover said]...your blogs bring me to reality

Favorite book recently read: Heaven, by Randy Alcorn