Saturday, June 13, 2009


Self-esteem is a mistaken short-cut feeling blindly for a way through life's dim maze. Much of the non-commital to sturdy balance and direction for too many is a result of over-attention toward self-esteem opinion.

I speak from experience; oddly self-experience. I was raised with zero esteem. Smothered by words of discouragement, critcism, and yelling, I understand the suffocated inner spirit. I feel that I have found the best answer. It is in God and not in the better self.

Self is to die; not to be polished. This irks some who wish to counter-dote over their children. But the truth is self has to go and this is a major dilemma to every adult approaching believerhood. Ego-mania reeks from preachers, elders, parents, teachers, and yea, blog writers. Paul said he lived; but not his ego. Christ lived in him.

Brennan Manning wrote we must, reduce our overestimation of ourselves, and...realize how limited we are.....(this) keeps us from smugness, complacency, and the self -sufficiency that poisons spirituality. God's Word wakes us up to our need. Until we submit our lives to the judgement of the gospel and the standards of goodness and virtue established by Jesus, there can be no profound consciousness of being a sinner in need of mercy.

More self-esteem isn't the answer. More Christ-esteem is. He is the life; not us. He is the truth; not us. He is the way; not us. We are to surrender; not him.


John McCoy said...

I believe every word of this.

God, help me in my unbelief.

Tammy said...

I'm trying to get to that point of 'All of Him and None of Me' but that self keeps pushing aside everything that is of value to Him and puts my esteemed-ness in front. Even flat on my back it raises its very ugly head and tries to tell me of my great worth. Oh that the Lord will use this 'vacation' of mine to change the spirit person that's me into someone HE can call worthy. I love you Terry. Thanks for showing me how it looks to surrender to Him. You do it well.

Amanda Sanders said...

This was exactly what I needed to day. Thank you God. Thank you Terry.

Leon Mission Effort said...

thx Terry! It truly is about Him and not me. I must learn this lesson and allow Him and TRUST in Him to plant His church! msg

Christi Bloomer said...

Beautiful post and a great lesson! I think you'd agree with this statement - great message that God delivered to us through you!