Sunday, May 03, 2009


Today is "Missions May Day" at Memorial Drive. We will raise $120,000 for mission support. I am quite excited that most of the funds go to our own mission-aries. Two of our men--Shawn Gary and Tim Rush--are now in Mexico when as boys they roamed the halls and teen rooms at Memorial. Seven of our teens are in the A.I.M. program. Two groups from here are venturing back to Honduras; one for medical and another for building houses. I love it.

Today has another special element since I am connected to the St. Louis Cardinals. One of our members, Don Walton, came across a local website for a Wishes Foundation. He noticed a fifteen year old boy wishing he could have an autographed baseball from center fielder Rick Ankiel. Of all the current Cardinal players, I know only one.....Rick Ankiel.

I forwarded the request over to Rick and this week he sent the signed ball. The young man and his mother will be at church today to receive the gift from his Cardinal hero. How fun. I love it.

There is opportunity to encourage and build up....everywhere we let's do it!

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Amen :)