Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So, how are you doing? I'm doing pretty good, I would say.

Yesterday I had my routine five-year colonoscopy. The doctor's findings were different than usual. Rather than getting the Hey, we clipped a few polyps; see you in five years, I got Hey, uh we found some rather large polyps that are a concern. There may be nothing to them but we have taken biopsies and we will know by Friday. Everything may be fine or we might have to so a little surgery on you.

I don't know about you but I still live in that world where the big stuff hits the other person. So, what's my week like 'til I get to Friday? Well, that's what I want to write about.

I'm not naive. Cancer kills. I might have it; and again I might not. God knows for now. But the thing I want to encourage you about is either way it is all right....really. You see, God is far too smart; too quick for us to take in His thinking prowess....Isa. 55:8-9. Maybe He needs me to find all this is benign just to see my reaction in the meantime. Or, maybe there is someone I need to meet in a waiting room six months from now who is also waiting for treatment similar to mine.

God hears individuals praying about so many people from all over the world. He is constantly organizing the intersections for Christians to meet non-ones. He spends our lives to benefit others. If something is wrong with my health, my health is not the dominant issue. Who He leads me to meet or minister to will be.

I do know this; God wastes no crumbs of illness, accident, confusion, or death. He is found to be productive in every setting. Does anyone remember the Paul and Silas incident when they were having their (two or three gathered together) small group in that tiny prison cell one evening? God knows how to set us up for success. He is the pro at this sort of stuff and we get to partner in His brilliant schemes.

How am I doing? Better than fine; I am excited. I either find out I am all right or I discover the need to walk a new path foreign to me thus far. But if it is the latter; I promise you it will be for a very good reason. God wastes nothing! Facing life's challenges with a ministry in the center always gives us purpose.

And, how are you doing?


Anonymous said...

What an awesome attitude. Praying you get good news...

balmanza said...

Just tonight our speaker was talking about the spirit of fear and how we allow our fears to take our focus off Jesus. I love how you keep your focus. Praying!
-Joe & Becky

Terry Laudett said...

I'll be praying for you. I appreciate you more than I can say.

Anonymous said...

Woah - we'll add you to the prayer list over here.

Anonymous said...

Lord God,
In the name of Jesus I lift up Terry to you. I ask that his body be cancer free and that the test results come back in a favorable way. I praise you that you are bigger than cancer, polyps and worry. I also praise you for grace that is all-sufficient.

Tammy said...

Terry, God is so good! You have been in my prayers this week but in reading this post I realize He was using you to quiet my spirit. To take back the fear that I had kept for myself. I love you! And I love your (His) life message more. Thank you for seeing His message so clearly and passing it on to others (me!).