Thursday, February 26, 2009


Smiles and good attitudes are valuable. Getting along is necessary. But believing the part Jesus talks about separation of believers because of him is equally meaningful. We are at war in case you either forgot or didn't want to note. This church stuff is heavy duty. It is not for the arrogant, it is not for the self-ambitioned, and it is not for sissies.

The editorial in March's edition of the Christian Chronicle (p. 32) is titled Decline demands biblical preaching. A cartoon is in the corner of a man in a suit and tie standing on the Bible and holding up a sign, Spirit, in one hand while the other sign in the left hand dropping down is marked Truth. There is no caption so interpretation of the artist's intent is up for grabs.

Due to mail I get I know there is a battle for the Holy Spirit to be legalized among us. However, my point in seeing the picture and reading the article is to remind us the two are indivisible. The Spirit wrote the Truth through the inspired instruments called men. The Truth is the Spirit is a central element to church life, kingdom life, and the Christian life. It is not and can never be an either/or proposition. Some want to be on one side or the other to make one dominant.

The battle is not for one or the other. The war is for both for they are one. To separate is to sever spiritual truth. There remains an ongoing battle for truth. If it isn't Spirit-led and isn't the Truth. It is simply a counterfeit calling neighbors to join a team to see who can get the most points at the lectureship or the workshop.

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