Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Churches are always challenged to keep the writings of the Bible fresh on all hearts. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Without much thought “We go by the Bible” rolls off of the tongues of numerous church brands who are divided from other denominations, divided inter-denominationally, and divided among themselves within their own congregations. One thing this should tell us is to possibly adjust the phrase to “We want to go by the Bible” or “We try to go by the Bible”.

I think it odd that we miss this with casual assumption we (whoever “we” happen to be) have cornered the market on truth. Some will raise the question, Are you saying we can’t know the truth? My response is of course as the Bible says we can know it. I am saying we don’t…not all of it.

Why can we not recall quickly the Pharisees who had the same attitude and, uniquely the same problem? They always assumed they knew the truth. They paraded their knowledge, their loyalty, and their behavior. Yet, they wouldn’t know the truth if He were standing in front of them!

I remind us of such unawareness about ourselves. We can get so ingrained, even hooked, on our biased traditions that we defend it as if it were God’s truth. This leads well-meaning folks to become unconsciously dishonest. Parroting the Word while omitting the parts we don’t want and adding in parts reflective of our religious preference is dishonest.

Churches will be inspired by the Inspired. Any serious student of the Bible cares what it says. I urge us to approach the Bible as learners and well before we become defenders.

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Anonymous said...

this is why I come to the Tulsa Workshop! I was once one of those who knew I went by the bible. It wasn't until a few years ago, I sat and listened at one Larry West explaining the gospel. I never knew what it was in my 30 years of growing up in the church. I thought I did, but, it became clear and now I grow closer to Jesus, all while be chastised by the leaders in the church I attend for going to the workshop. But, I am coming to get my batteries recharged and to continue to learn how to become, unconsciously honest.