Friday, January 30, 2009


Evangelism is too easy to let slide. Church attendance, Bible study, prayer, and not causing trouble can become the all-inclusive standard for believers. Reaching to others can find us awkward, hesitant, and timid. Yet, God did not give us a spirit of timidity.

A major thought-shift took place in my walk. I can't recall where or why. It could have been over a series of encounters. But, I believe every person we meet wants to know about Jesus. I'm not imagining this. It is a truth. People want to know.

They don't necessarily know how to tell us. They may not be aware of their personal spirit vacancy. But they do want to know him at some point(s) in their lives.

I saw it when visiting Jim MacArthur of Hawaii 5-0. I saw it in my neighbor, Becky Fulton. I saw it in a young single gal twenty-five years ago. I saw it in my Chiropractor's assistant. People want to know why this gap in their corporate person seems so absent of fulfillment.

I love the church. I am blessed God would find me and let me be in it. Our range for improvement continues to expand at a pace equal to our learning more about Him. I believe we are face to face with poor and rich who need Jesus, want to know him, and would be grateful to learn of him. People want to know.

Please if you can't study with them, invite them to class or to church. Church can be intimidating. Visitors are uncertain what will be required of them. Will they stand at the wrong time, stay seated at the wrong time, etc. So beware of your friends' intimidation.

Finally when you invite, offer the gesture without cornering them. Rather than ask them if they can go with you next Sunday, you might first offer, One of these days I wish you would consider bringing your family to our church. And, sit with us. Don't sit by yourself. I don't want you to be alone.

The main call in the blog is to re-awaken your senses to the truth that every hair-dresser, every cashier, every bank teller, and every client have moments (private moments) when they are wondering if this idea of God could be true. Your invitation could be just the move God uses to draw them to Him.

People want to know....every one of them!

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Anonymous said...

All too true. Just this week I was studying with a Catholic lady who has really been driven to her knees by some life circumstances. We read from John (3:16-18 to start), 1st John, and a little of Romans together. We looked at Acts for examples of baptism. We focused on Jesus and the Word, and got into very little discussion of "church". Truly an amazing blessing to see the light bulbs going off, to watch and hear her read the Word, just for what it says (much of it she's never read before, while we take for granted what we "know").

She has lots of questions, and continues to ask them, but the answers come right from the Word, and many come right from the mouth of Jesus. She recently realized that her faith has so much more to do with her and God, rather than church, and she said that realization blew her away.

When we read through grace, and Christ's sacrifice, her response? "Seems too easy," she said.

"That's the Good News" I proclaimed in response.

The Gospel...THE Gospel of the Word (as opposed to the Gospel of the Church of Christ) is indeed too easy to let slide.

Thanks so much for your encouraging post Mr. Rush.