Saturday, January 31, 2009


My earlier days were certainly care-free in comparison to those battling health, family, or financial trauma. Yet, I had a knack for dismissing the present wonder in my life as I traded it for nervous fret and a misplaced need to be in control.

Psalm 46:10, Be still and know that I am God, breathed new life into me. Be still is not exactly what Mr. Ants-in-his-pants found to be a lifestyle. But God does know how to move us throughout each day.

Who didn't like me today? Who did I offend today? Why doesn't the church wake up (and see it my way)? Yes, I could talk an ice cream cone into going sour. What's up with that?

I did not visualize by faith that God participates in my life. He is the "doer" of my life. He works in me; opens doors, fulfills missions, and accomplishes success when and if I will be still.

One reason this threw me for such a large loop in my beginning days of Christianity is because I heard so much emphasis upon works. It was denied that we were working our way to heaven; yet such is precisely how I took it. We weren't allowed to say God operated directly in a believer's life; so it really was up to us to start it, work it, and finish it. No wonder nervous days were enacted.

Learn to like right now. God works directly in a Christian's life. The Word teaches such. We can count on things going right when God is in charge. For us, things could be better and several could be worse. But God is the glory of the world and right now is the place we are called to shine.

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