Sunday, December 28, 2008


Believers really struggle, I think. In visiting with Blanche last week the day before she died, we discussed her fear of being good enough to be accepted by God on the other side. Such a fear runs throughout the kingdom process. I regard it as a serious element that goes with our work.

This morning I preached my heart out. The church seems to be doing so well. Yet, when I got done (as is usual from Sunday to Sunday) I felt like I had missed the mark. It is the weirdest feeling---for me anyway---to be involved with the God of all life. I am just too small to pull off my part. I do believe He works in spite of me, but the feeling of failure travels the high road on most days.

I think elders, staffs, all leaders in the church must feel this way as well. It isn't that we can't get anything good done. But when we are working for the all-powered, all-intelligent God, how are we to observe our efforts but simply lacking?

Therefore I cheer you on; those who are doing your best to serve. I'm not sure if it's all right to tell you I go through the stuff as above. But, I do. When you have the sinking feeling you didn't teach the best class or preach the best sermon or offer the best counsel, all I can say is a group of us live in your shoes. I hope that helps.

We want to do better than we can do because we have a God who is bigger than we can imagine. Blessings as you give it your best shot; even when you know you came up short once again! You are good enough. It's just that He is the only One who can make us complete.


Brenda said...

You are right. Believers do struggle. Sometimes, I do believe that believers struggle more than non-believers. (that was a tongue twister)

Terry you did not miss the mark this morning. In fact, I think at one point you did some HIGH jump right on top of the point! ;o) God pulled off today what he needed to. At least in my heart he did.

It's nice to hear that we are not alone in our efforts to do God's work when we feel like total failures. Many times, we look up to those preachers/teachers and think they must be doing something right and we've got it all wrong. That is not the case.
I can't tell you how many times I have left church speechless because of what God did through the sermon, or through the worship, to my heart. And sometimes I can't even process it until later.
Many things you said this morning felt like something I could have wrote myself. Example: I fear someone asking ME to study! Fear that I will say the wrong thing. Fear that my fear of rejection will get in the way of God's word and I won't communicate His love for them correctly.

But yet, I do it everyday! I do my best to communicate His love in everything I do. What I have had to realize is that God isn't leaving it up to ME to save them. He's leaving it up for me to be the example. He's leaving it up to me to let others see Him through me. If I can do just THAT much....He is a big enough God to take care of the rest.
Just as he is on a Sunday morning. He he does it more than you can imagine.

At least...for me He does!

Today was a homerun for me!

drjimwhite said...

I pray every Sunday after my sermon that God take my words and put them into the hearts that needed it. I apologize for not being able to put into words the magnificence of His glory. But I know He can take my feeble effort and make it into something God-honoring. Thanks, Terry.

Cary said...

Fear not, your words this morning spoke powerfully, at least to this young minister struggling with himself over putting on the unnecessary armor. I was glad to be there.

Anonymous said...

Many Christians seek to be good enough and desire to prove their love to God so He will believe in them. The overriding message of scripture? God seeks to prove His goodness and love so we will believe in Him.

Anonymous said...

I find that the more I serve others the more inadequate I feel. But the more inadequate I feel the more I am driven to serve others.

It is in the serving that I see God working more powerfully than I could alone so I keep seeking Him in what little I am doing.

In other words, I know how you feel.