Friday, December 12, 2008


This post could NOT possibly speak any MORE directly to me in a way that I desperately needed to hear today.

Mr. Rush, for several months now your blog and comments have touched me in a way God needed me to know, many more days than not. While I know you are merely a man, you are indeed one who is in the Spirit and whom God is using powerfully to reach at least this little soul that needs regular encouragement.

The above is the lone comment left on yesterday’s blog. At one time in my past, “anonymous” notes were not so welcomed. But I must admit I am beginning to like the newest version! This one’s comment obviously inspires and motivates me to keep on keeping on. I needed it.

Such is my point. Church leadership is more effective when we point out the good the church is doing. My earlier days as a leader was by pounding and shouting from the pulpit. I thought loud equaled power. It doesn’t. Furthermore, it has a negative effect; not a faithful one.

We will do well to continually let our congregations know how good they are, what wonder they work, and how much they positively impact this and future generations. I perpetually catch our staff doing good things and I point them out. The staff is natural in expressing gratitude to the shepherds while the shepherds are always reminding the staff of their good efforts. Genuine encouragement builds a healthy church contagion. The more we focus upon these aspects it seems to be the more we become it. Our God is delightful and we, of all earthlings, should be reflecting His kind of light.

Thank you, Anonymous, for saying something from your heart that did more for mine than you would imagine. All of us need encouragement…even the devoted encouragers. Each takes turns in the pit or on the mountain top. The pits, by the way, are most valuable as they help us know a mountain top when we see one! Thus, God builds up the body of Christ by our love and support while we are glad to get to be us!


Anonymous said...

I started reading your blog on a daily basis a few weeks ago. You often speak directly to me with your thoughts. I have shared your site with others. Thank you for your encouraging words as we walk this life trying to be like Christ.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome Mr. Rush. And again, thank YOU.