Wednesday, December 10, 2008


All would agree it is important to grow in the Spirit of Christ. How will such come about? It will come about through training, discipline, and struggle. The kingdom of God is a workout facility where we develop muscle; faith muscle to run the longest marathon. In order to be alive in the kingdom and finish the race a tremendous willingness to grow will be involved.

One reason I feel I will always be in kindergarten is I hunger to learn of Him. The other reason is His indescribable size. How can I ever gain ground on understanding God as the more I learn the bigger He appears? I never seem to close in on Him.

It is crucial we be aware that to grow up in the Spirit of Christ we will, indeed, find many repeated rough situations. These moments are not darts from Satan, but are opportunities to advance. I've not cared for church struggles; nor personal ones for that matter. Hurt feelings and abusive insult take their toll. However when handled well as weights in the workout room, they always serve as tools for our advantage.

Try not to resist every difficulty which comes your way. It may be a tremendous leadership opportunity dressed as a discouraging pit. Remember Joseph? Some mean it for evil....and God means it for good? Don't do ministry by skipping your workout room assignments. They are crucial and if you choose not to grow by them you will eventually quit the kingdom.

Don't quit.

Train. Learn. Grow.

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Anonymous said...

This post could NOT possibly speak any MORE directly to me in a way that I desperately needed to hear today.

Mr. Rush, for several months now your blog and comments have touched me in a way God needed me to know, many more days than not. While I know you are merely a man, you are indeed one who is in the Spirit and whom God is using powerfully to reach at least this little soul that needs regular encouragement.

Thank YOU for your readiness to be God's vessel, and thank you to GOD for using you in this way.