Thursday, November 13, 2008


I spent three days this week in Guadalajara with Tim and Kim and kids. Very fun. Very important. Very meaningful.

I saw to extreme sites on my trip; at least two. The first night in Zapopan we went to visit the house church in Jocotan. The crowded streets became narrower and rougher. We have nicer alleys. The people were delightful, but, oh, so poor. The housing conditions were severely impoverished. Americans have nicer tool sheds in their back yards. Adults line the streets for conversation while children run and play. Everywhere one turned, everywhere eyes could see, there were hundreds, thousands, millions of people loved and adored by God. Do they know Him? How will they know Him? A few will (do), but the number who may never learn of the Savior Jesus is upsetting.

The other extreme was sitting in DFW going and coming. Adults line the well-manicured terminals while children run and play. The people are delightful, but oh so poor in attitude and inner strength. Everywhere one turned, everywhere one could see, there were hundreds, thousands, millions of people loved and adored by God. I keep wondering, Do they know Him? Surely many do. But what about the number…the vast number….who don’t? This, too, is upsetting.

An odd thing I noticed in my travel among the extremes. Overall, the poor in Mexico were happier than the rich in America. Nonetheless, we must ramp up our efforts to live in the Christ that the big message reach both groups for both are dying without him?

This note today has nothing to do with guilting any reader. It has everything to do with a reminder; we must reach the world by every method and concept our small imaginations can fathom…..sooner rather than later.


Anonymous said...

Great post. I have anecdotal evidence the same way and there is a book called the Gross National Happiness which statistically confirms your observations. Jesus taught us not to worry about money. He told us to give our money away to the poor. If we don't then we worry and hoard and give it to the thieves of wall street and main street. So it goes that the kingdom of Jesus and its expansion is a great goal. It is better to have a great goal and not be arrived there than to have a meager goal and reach it. God must be pleased with the work of Tim and family working hard to get the gospel out there.

Anonymous said...

Terry, Glad you are back. Your post reminds me of the Sermon on the Mount, "Blessed are ...". He says that those that have come to the end of themselves will find the blessings of God. We who have so much here in America have a harder time finding God as we have built a wall of self reliance between ourselves and God. I hope I can always see Christ and his kingdom in my every dayness. Thanks Terry,Keep praying for Aaron and I. Love Lynn