Thursday, November 13, 2008


I know (wonder at least) many of you must feel you've been put in your place. I mean you go to work, do your thing, stay out of conflict best you can, achieve a bit here and there, and start over again the next day. Such routine can rob a person of his or her gigantic calling. Don't let it happen!

Abraham was one man. God kept his promise. The father of many is he. David was one man. Sinful and selfish did he behave. God made him an example of courage. Esther was one woman. God shows the world of believers today that bravery to speak up in the tightest of pinches can break open remarkable doors. Saul of Tarsus was one man. He was hell-bent on destroying the church. By the time God was through with him, Paul was heaven-bent on building the very thing he once gave his life to destroy.

Don't forget your calling. You may feel as a minnow in an ocean, but you must not let your courage wain. Step up with your songs (as Paul and Silas) when treated unfairly that the Spirit of Christ may do His work. Step forward with vision to do what no one has yet thought to do. Get going. Quite living a shrunken life in the most advanced system on earth. Get up! Get going!

Write the best book ever! Produce the best movie ever! Imagine the greatest evangelistic crusade ever. The Shack? Gone With the Wind? Billy Graham? All people backed. Get with the program---His program in you---and be more than you've ever been right where you are. The church is not located on a street corner like Phillips 66.

We don't have a J. C. Penney Jesus. The church is sitting in your study, or your office, or your airplane terminal, or wherever you are reading this blog. The church is located right where you now sit. Don't you think it might be good to dream again for God? We aren't the Rut Church of Christ (unless, of course we have a building at the corner of 7th and Rut). We are the Imagination Church of Christ, the Anticipation Church of Christ, the Where We Live Church of Christ.

Ah, drop the criticism of others. Wake up to your own assignment. Live where you are planted and build the church; expand the kingdom. It will take courage but, then, we know the guy who excelled in that, huh?


Terry Rush said...


I want to tell you how much I appreciate your blogs! The things you write are my very favorite of anyone who blogs!

You are the best, Terry Rush, and don't forget....I told you so!

One Observationist said...

Hey Terry - Found you through Franklin Wood.

I really appreciated this blog post today. It seems easy for me, almost like a bad habit, to complain about the church, my lot in life, and I seem to downplay all the good things going on. It's not like I forget about all the good things because I am thankful for what God has given me and allowed me to accomplish, but sometimes I get so beat down with all the negativism that I forget what the purpose of my life is all about.

Long story short. Thanks for the post. It meant something to me.

Jim Hughes said...

Thanks for encouraging and motivating thoughts this morning! We really do have unlimited possibilities for touching other people. As an example, I was led to your post by John Dobbs who posted about it on Twitter. Blessings!

That Girl said...

Hey, I think I really like this... just imagine what God could do with me if I'd just let him!!!

Monk-in-Training said...

No Terry we don't have a JCPenney Jesus and thank God for that.

Excellent post.

Anonymous said...

Amen brother!

(to the post, not the comment :p )