Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Several factors intimidate the best of hearts from reaching to their relatives or neighbors with the delightful news of Jesus. I've probably experienced and endured nearly all of them personally. My Christian walk began with enormous desire to share the gospel, but was overwhelmed with the sheer burden of the task. At first and as a gospel preacher, I just couldn't do it.

Therefore, I'm sympathetic to the many reasons any hesitate. One in particular is most concerning: the church has made it too hard to remember how the good news actually goes. Loaded down with multiple and conflicting proof-texts while being well-warned of all those many false prophets, our people have become convinced we will not remember how it goes and most likely will get it wrong if we dare try. Therefore, the general population of the church lives frozen and mute; unable to move with confidence to extend their faith to another. We have concluded that refusing to share the life in Christ with others is a better option than taking a stab at sharing and getting it fouled up.

This is most tragic, indeed. Shame on the Barney Fife's among us who, with whistle and badge, sound their warnings when a teaching fails to tickle their ears. Yes, there are those who relay the Word with devious intention. But such isn't true for the majority of us. We are simple believers with grateful hearts who have been talked out of approaching other very good people because we cannot, for the life of us, remember the coordinates as to what it is we are supposed to say we believe! Shame on the loud critics; especially those who could not teach their own neighbor either. Our people gave up because they got the message that most likely our message is wrong.

Tell the world Jesus saves. Advise all concerned to hide in Jesus by being buried in him. Disregard the tinkerers, judgers, and spinners of "best faith". Find out for yourself what you believe and share what little you know with others....with great confidence! Most likely the recipients will be happy to add your kind gesture to the mix as they search for God. You know way too many wonderful things to keep such treasures buried in respectable, acceptable, comfortable fear.


Wes said...

Terry - rest assured many DO enjoy being evangelistic.


Anonymous said...

Spot on!
Larry Wishard

Anonymous said...

Mark 5:19 is pretty simple.

Terry Rush said...


What a good point!

If we could but persuade our people that Mark 5:19 will work, we would win the world. Its simplicity makes my point...it will untangle the web of confusion.

If we would just share our testimonies, watch out world!!

You've made a powerful and important observation. Thank you!

Josh Ross said...

Appreciate your words. Been thinking about evangelism a lot lately. This was much needed.

When you have a moment, shoot me an email at joshross15@gmail.com.

Would love to update you on my family.