Sunday, May 18, 2008


How we admire the steadiness of Jesus. The biased and favoritism bug never bit him. Yes, he had a circle of close friends, then an inner circle, and the beloved one. Yet the thing about Jesus which lacks in us at times is everyone was important to him. Whether it a woman at a well or another at his feet carrying on creating uneasy attention, he never flinched; he never withdrew.

Jesus loved all people. He loved scamming, immoral, cowardly men and women. Jesus loved everyone in his way. The thing Jesus did differently was he refused to be selective with his loving attention. Even strapped to the cross he was still issuing grace and mercy. Jesus cared about acquaintances and strangers.

We are called to do the same. Everyone needs our love; everyone. When God’s people begin their multiple assembly gatherings this morning will everyone be greeted or only our favorites. We must break this pattern of loving only those who love us. If there is one great need which trumps all others from our earthly perspective, it would be to do that thing Jesus did differently.

Today speak to every person you see in the parking lot, the hallway, the assembly. Signal to them they are each important. Mission efforts are important. Greeting more than your close brothers only, too, is essential kingdom business.

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