Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I keep forgetting God is at work. As much as I preach "God Works" and as much as I love sharing such a message, I still forget He really does. How fascinating He is to show up! Our God loves to do that stuff He does to care for His kids and run the kingdom life.

I love it when I get so wrapped up in my endeavors and He shows up with His surprise for the day or the week or the month. Often I will pray, God would you do that thing you do where you surprise me at causing an impossible thing to take place? Would you show your hand in my path?

As much as I would like to put my co-op with Him into a formula or pattern, I shouldn't, wouldn't, and ......can't. He won't fit into man-made molds. He'll break out like Lazarus! I love it that He stymies me. I love it when He reminds me He has once again trumped my vision with His grand scheme.

I encourage you to pray for what you would love to see positively hit the kingdom work: water for the thirsty nations, bread for the homeless, shelter as well. What is it you would love to see Him do for the community? Begin to pray. Thank Him for doing it. Watch doors open and observe God moving. Be ready to be surprised at His expansive response to your what now appears to have been a piddly prayer. It's not that you are frail at praying. It's that He's that good!

In a slightly different slant on the the well-known scripture, could I remind you that the Word says we have because we ask? Then.....ask.


Anonymous said...

God is amazing at showing up and being present. I love when I actually open my eyes and see Him there.

Thank you for this today. I woke up this morning with a prayer on my lips. I prayed for family and for me. I am at a crossroads and I want to walk down the right path. I have asked that the path I want be given but more than that I ask that if there is another path I do not see yet -- let it be revealed. I want more than anything to walk down the path God has prepared for me.

David Kirk said...

Your perspective is always amazing!

Anonymous said...

Dear Terry: This post grabbed my heart. I have several continual prayers, the hardest part is the waiting for God to answer. Bikegirl2 said what I pray for. For Family and for me to walk down the right path. See you at the workshop, Love ya