Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Leaders face rivers of pressure, avalanches of threat, and storms of danger. While the body of Christ is to be revered for its heavenly call, it can also be dreaded due to personality disorders among the maturing processes of us members. Leaders must be patiently assertive and courageously visionary. Otherwise, the blind sheep influentially cataract-ize the outlook of the basic flock.

From the git-go there are those who believe it their God-given duty to keep the church under their control for the protection of us all. Sometimes “they” are “us”. Such misguided defensiveness stifles the wonder and the mystery and the risk of wild faith. Our God’s heart is wild on fire for rescuing and redeeming and thrilling His people. Why would we think playing it safe is a New Testament doctrine?

Realize, therefore, to be a Christian leader will require a willingness to fight off repeated Goliath breathings; many times single-handedly. What’s the emotion when in such battle? You will most likely die in the confrontation unless God, once again, intervenes. While the flock is quite dear to know, it can be amazingly fickle. We cannot depend on our majority vote. If such was the case we would basically live in hiding. That’s not the nature of our Jesus. It’s not the nature of his New Testament body.

Stand strong even if it’s solitaire. Don’t flinch. God is near. Our people are built for bigger things. Sometimes they need a child-like Davidic leader to come along and yell, “Charge!”

Have a courageous day.


Anonymous said...

This is EXACTLY what I needed to read tonight! Thanks for the encouragement!

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Pilate had power. That is why the chief priests and rulers wanted to meet with him. They had the religious, political and money power. They had the power of the soldiers and the sword.

There was this man who was powerless from an earthly standpoint. He was a teacher. His principles are timeless.
1. Be shrewd in dealing with people.
2. Be trustworthy with money in your care whether little or much.
3. If you can’t be trusted to take care of a rent house, you won’t ever have your own house.
4. You cannot serve God and money. It is one or the other.
5. Many religious/political leaders love money, justify themselves, but God sees right through it.
6. What is valued among men is despised by God.
7. Divorce is a set up for adultery.
8. Those who ignore the poor and sick are lost.

This powerless teacher was did what all humans do. He died. So did Pilate.

Guess whose tomb was empty on the third day. Not Pilate’s.
Luke 16
Larry Wishard

Zack said...

Thank you for these words Terry. I have visited and read your blog many times and heard you speak a few times. You are one of my heroes in the faith. Your words are encouraging and thought provoking. God bless!