Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I think I have some impressive books on my shelves regarding prayer. E. M. Bounds, Bruce Wilkinson, A. W. Tozer and others have blessed the Christian world with impressive insight to the discipline of prayer. I just completed yet another one rich in simplicity and meaning. Keith Roberts has a new book out, Why God Waits For You To Pray.

While the 139 pages is an easy read, it lacks not for depth and insightfulness. Few pages are left clear of my yellow highlighter and seventeen of them are now dog-eared. I really like the book. Keith makes simple point after magnificent observation. He did a good job of directing us to the lifestyle of our Savior’s prayer habit. He explains effectively how we can know what Jesus prayed for by measuring the results and activity. It isn’t that Keith points out matters about prayer or about Jesus we didn’t necessarily know. But he ties everything together to where the reader keeps experiencing “ah-ha” moments of understanding.

I encourage you to watch for the book at the workshop. Regardless of how much we learn about prayer, we will ever be in need of growing in this foundational area. I’m not a great man of prayer. I’m not even average. However, due to writings such as Keith’s I find myself continually encouraged to trust Him more than me.

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David U said...

T-Man, I'm sorry I missed your visit to my blog, but I'm glad you made yourself at home! Come back another time and maybe I will be home.

I plan on being at the workshop, and if I don't have the Roberts book on prayer by then, I will pick it up then. I am REALLY excited about attending the workshop again. Thanks for all your hard work regarding that mission that blesses SO SO SO many of us!

Love you bro,