Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Yesterday was not a legal holiday. It was neither Memorial Day nor the Fourth of July. However, I celebrated just the same. It was Oklahoma Primary Election Day. I love this stuff. I'm intrigued by every party and every candidate. I love to watch all of the debates. I'm fascinated....just our privilege to get to participate in government and her elections.

Being human, we tend to be appreciative too late. We don't necessarily acknowledge a garage door that works four hundred times. We just curse it when it fails. We seldom soak in the presence of electricity, food, shelter, and health. We simply pray for its return when absent. Are we this way with freedom? Do we have so much of it for so long we find ourselves easily annoyed? Do we sigh when we get recorded messages from candidates seeking our vote or complain about the amount of television coverage politics generates? Oh that Iraq and Iran could encounter such stress.

So thank you General Gillespie, and Gay Jones, and Doris Carlisle, and Ron and Mona, and my dad, and Tom Ezell and countless thousands like you who gave reckless abandon to see we could continually live in perpetual holiday. Super Tuesday was a tribute to soldiers, many of whom never got to come home to hug their momma one more time, shouting to the world we are taking action upon the grit of our finest heroes.

Once again I draw your attention to like right now. I ask you to love it that you live in a nation under God where you can see multiple candidates bid for the presidency in each party and then two will slug it out for the big job. We are in on it. We receive information. We can comment. We get to vote.

I encourage you today to live like you possess luxury. Don't let complaint or feeble irritation distract you from the holiday called today. It's a wonder to behold. So...behold it!


Terry Rush said...

Dear Self,

I just want to beat the others to the punch and tell you this one is a really good article.

Keep it up, You!

Way to go!

Theresa said...

I agree with Terry's comment. ;)

Complacency is such a dangerous game. We are called to be content, not complacent.


Donna G said...

You and Terry are right on. And I needed this gentle reminder to not be so annoyed with the political mumbo-jumbo...

Donna (and Donna who endorses this comment)

Anonymous said...

My friend, Darron Dickens, and I are starting another non-legal holiday. Happy Target Superstore Day to you and yours!

Haley said...

You are correct in telling yourself that this was a really good article!! I feel the same way as you, only you put it so much better. I feel lucky to have the right to vote, and voice my opinion!