Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Racial prejudice has not ended. I wonder if it is gaining steam. I'm not referring to the differences due to skin color; but that of religious viewpoint. God's children are a chosen race. His chosen ones always have stiff opposition. We are there.

Contempt for Christianity is strong. Bigotry is in its glory once again. Churches find resistance, faith causes find abundant criticism, and the term Christmas is being moved steadily toward the back door. One day Christianity will awaken to the fact that its race is being rudely told to sit in the back of the bus.

I believe one day many as Rosa Parks will say, No more! I believe it's being said already by believers of Christ in other nations. Martyrdom is not dead. A bloody battle is going on in other continents for the rights to believe God. America, so far, basically reads about it with an indifferent shrug. Yet, racial prejudice is found on our governing boards as well as in our coffee shops. Christians in America are doing today what the then-termed Negroes did in the 1800s and 1900s. We are saying, Yes sir. No Ma'am. Where would you allow me to sit? When would you like me to speak? How would you prefer I say it? How may I keep out of your way?

Just as African-Americans understand slavery all too well in ways those of my skin color cannot even imagine, the Race of God is centered in a similar battle for freedom. There once was a state marker (and I assume it remains) along highway 63 entering the university town of Columbia, Missouri which promoted an Islamic agenda. A Christian cause would not be allowed. After all, Merry Christmas written atop of fire stations is forbidden. The more the Race of God realizes the actual existence and direct activity of the Holy Spirit the more paralleling obstruction we'll find from society in general that we cannot take such faith into the market place.

It is time we awaken to where America is headed. In general she is taking on a spirit that God and His race are the lesser sort and we will learn our place or pay the penalty for it. The issue is freedom. I think the government has cordoned off land sections called church buildings and told us we can do what we want on our land, but don't mingle with the natives.

Jesus called us to go into all the world. He has never rescinded such a charge.


Tim said...

amen and amen

Robert said...

Interesting thoughts, but for the first time in reading your blog for the year+ it's been running I find myself scratching my head and thinking, "huh, do we live in the same city?" If you had written this piece in the early 90's I may have more readily agreed, but today, right now, from where I sit........? Maybe I need to peer outside of my bubble a bit more.

Then again, you are a stronger and more expereinced faith fighter, and I know that you are more attuned to see satan's subtle attacks than I am. Maybe I have become a bit more accepting, tolerant, complacent, and liberal these past 7 years. Maybe too much so.

Thanks as always for the daily thought to ponder.

Stoogelover said...

You are right, but I predict we'll take staying asleep over any sort of activism until it's too late.

Terry Laudett said...

I appreciate this post. I was thinking in a similar way today. We need to have the courage to follow Christ when it is not popular. We must not worry too much about being disliked, mocked, and disrespected for living as Christians should. While we must not try to be unnecessarily offensive, we need to live by (and teach) Christ's standards. Thanks for encouraging everyone to follow Jesus without letting fear get in our way.