Friday, December 28, 2007


We live in a time of both religious intensity and doctrinal confusion. Guilt roars if we are too lenient and again when we are too closed-minded. Tolerance is today's game-face while we fight to keep from being gullible. Legalism seems at times most hateful while liberalism turns the body of Christ into over-indulgent flab.

Political correctness rushes to override genuine conviction. Because we don't want to be hateful, we may be found winking at important matters which God does not approve. I feel certain I am guilty and always will be as long as I am a student of the Word. However, Truth is not found in the middle. Truth is extreme as it has been ushered in by God. Not everything goes. Yet, more things go than what man's interpretation will sometimes allow. We are caught to be found always as searchers and learners reaching conclusions which are firmly Bible-based and void of
cultural- wind influence.

Thus, we are challenged as to what to think about the era of broad acceptance of all peoples. Some believe Jehovah while others call God Allah and yet others refer to Him as Buddha. The list expands from diverse regions upon the planet. Is there one true God going by different aliases: Jehovah a/k/a Allah? I believe there is a simple and important consideration.

The true God, according to the Bible, insists all men confess Jesus is His son. If Allah will not confess this, he is a false god. If Buddha will not abide by this, he is a false god. Jesus is the difference-maker. His name is above all names. He is more than a prophet. He was sent by the true and living God to bring salvation to mankind and there is no other way.....politically correct or not.

Jesus is most tolerant in reaching to every desperate corner of life. He is not weak in His commitment to the Father and to the Spirit. We do not possess the room to differ from his position.


Anonymous said...

Excellent this morning, my friend. Sure enjoyed a little Rush family time last night.


Mike said...

Great post this am. Those of us who were raised in a tradition of legalism are tempted to believe that the cure for that afliction is post modern orthodoxy. That mantra states that the only sin is intollerance and the only virtue is openess. Jesus, if we embrace the Gospels, made some very exclusive truth claims. Keep up your great work. Blessed New Year.

Stoogelover said...

This is good! The world into which we are moving will not be tolerant of this at all ... and I'm speaking of OUR nation!