Saturday, December 29, 2007


The One Body has many members. We get the picture. Beyond that I wonder if I am as clueless as I am about my physical body. I mean, really, what do I understand about neutrons and molecular processes and DNA? Nearly nothing. All right...nothing. Yet, I'm me....daily.

This is how I see the Body of Christ. I'm a part of it but fundamentally clueless regarding it's capacity to breathe well and reproduce at its intended destiny. We are a meticulous miracle in both action and actuality. We perplex ourselves. Yet, we enjoy being a part of the Body of Christ.

The truth is we are each in over our head as to how the Body operates. We simply believe we do. The coordination of cells and limbs is a profound and global activity which defies time's boundaries. We are directly connected to the head which is Jesus himself. Our's is to be his mind....I Cor. 2:16, But we have the mind of Christ.

Such brings me to the title of this one blog. I feel weird being saved by His love (and I believe I surely am) while lost in the concept of being a true part of Jesus' Real Body. I'm so little and so insignificant. While millions of us comprise Him on earth, I live increasingly overwhelmed at the thought of trying to live up to his standard and expectation of functionality. I'm a mess. He is not.

It takes great faith for us to accept ourselves as is and to accept His Word that we are actually necessary in His scheme of redemption. We make a difference. Yet, the masses pass us by without notice and the trillions are spent with unkingdom regard. Jesus and you and me: we comprise The Body. We cannot afford to move nonchalantly with disregard for another brother or sister. Each is likely to possess a Christ-cell which makes us closer to being whole.

May your day be filled with overwhelming awe that you belong to a system far bigger than your imagination.....and then may you have vision to match.


Stoogelover said...

Perhaps the greatest "awakenings" of my life (having grown up in ultra-legalistic northwest Alabama) was to discover the body of Christ extends far, far beyond the boundaries we had placed around it. When I looked at it from "our" perspective, it was rather discouraging. When I look at it from an "awakened" perspective, I'm rather encouraged. Thanks for this blog.

Anonymous said...

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