Saturday, December 01, 2007


What's is like preaching for one of the neatest congregations in the world? Too good to be true. What's it like getting to do the multi-directional ministries I get to tackle? Fascinating. What's it like having hoards of people love you and treat you like royalty? Too dear. What's it like being a human being in the center of all of this? Most days great and some days bummer.

The few days have been bummer to me. Charles Swindoll laughingly told me of the time he was washing his hands in the restroom. A fellow entered and said, I don't believe it! I never thought of you as ever going to the bathroom! We both laughed at that one. I'm not Charles Swindoll, but I do have the best life in town. Therefore I tell you two things about me: I also go to the bathroom and I get discouraged. The latter is my focus this morning.

I deplore down days. I'm not good at them. They hurt me deeply. I must tell you (again) they, too, are a powerful yes. Bummer days are needed. On those days we can find reason to immediately park our high horses and dismount. Usually these days bring about needed and painful reflection. I get very blue over rehearsing moves I've made that were either unwise or failures.....or both. Such inner-reflection pulls me down.

My eyes glare at the screen but my heart won't supply my hands with encouragement to type. I just sit. I can open books, but my eyes refuse to interpret for me. I can see the page, but can't read the print. I just stare. I can go shopping. But things no longer appeal. My appetite for activity becomes anemically diseased, or something. And so, I go through the least motions possible to get by until the light comes on...or in.

Not a pretty picture, you say? No, it's not. However, it is where real people live. The good news is you and I are real people. Elijah whipped up on 450 false prophets of Baal only to find his next few days in hiding because he was depressed being terrorized by a woman. Weird? We are all weird.

Fortunately, God uses the weird. We have hope. God makes something out of nothing and brings life to the dead things...Romans 4:17. When we feel the most nothing or the most dull, we can count on Him to do great things yet!


Terry Rush said...

Dear Me,

I can't tell you how much this blog helped me today. I love all of your blogs and read them everyday. But this one, for some weird reason, really resonates with me. It's like you knew exactly what I was thinking. How uncanny is that?

I think you are one of the best at giving me insight on how to get through these challenging times.

As is true of so many, I thoroughly enjoy being near you!

Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

I am not Terry and it resonates with me. The numb feeling or non feeling can be discouraging. As I grow in age the aspect of God that has become so sweet is His Faithfulness. I can go through numbness of feeling, drift away in mind and heart yet he never changes. Awesome Post Terry!

Stoogelover said...
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Stoogelover said...

Sorry about the deleted comment above. Sometimes I type faster than I think.

Had one of those bummer days earlier this week (not a surprise as I manage to have them often) dealing with frustrations at work (I HATE working with certain doctors!) and then with an attorney over an accident involving my daughter. Your blog is right on!

Just a suggestion, but why don't you give Terry a call and tell him what you said here, just in case he doesn't read his own blog?!

Terry Rush said...


I called myself. But, there was no answer. And, no message machine. I guess he just missed out. Or...maybe I'll try later.

Good advice on your part!

Lee Keele said...

Terry, best advice I ever read on "bummer" days was from "Unmasking Male Depression." I can't remember who wrote it.

Basically he said, "If your feeling down, just go with it. If you feel like being alone, just be alone for a while. It's normal. God made us to need some down time so we can enjoy the uptime. It's all part of the big picture."

I'm paraphrasing, but that's the gist of it. I thought it was a good piece of advice.

Anonymous said...

Dear Terry: Solomon tried to tell us: highs and lows, valleys and mountain tops, death and life, joy and sorrow. It can seem meaningless, but with God the give and take of life becomes more focused. I have been ill this week and God is saying "slow down", rest and heal. This is hard for me, I like the fast pace of life. The fast pace often leaves God out, so he set me up some "guiet time"! Love you Terry, thanks for caring, Lynn