Tuesday, April 24, 2007


The Bible refers to the church Jesus is building. It is the church constructed and owned by Christ. Later the Bible reminded readers the churches of Christ sent salutations. It is true, Jesus is continuing to build his church. His true church is comprised of believers whom He judges to be members; not our judgment of who's in. His true church is being built by Him; not by us. The Word neither requires nor implies His church to be called by a certain and legal name.

The Churches of Christ sitting on various street corners and upon hillsides around the globe are a denomination. God didn't make it that way. We and our well-intended forefathers have developed yet another religious organization. While many in the Church of Christ have parroted the "we are not a denomination" our fruit betrays us. If Martin Luther were a member of the Church of Christ he would be nailing a list of "Where in the Bible did you get this?" on our doorposts.

I love life in the Church of Christ. It's not perfect. We aren't the only ones saved. We have not cornered the market on Truth. Yet, we do make effort to grow into His Truth. A huge part of that process is relinquishing long-held stances which did not come from scripture. Those who break denominational Church of Christ tradition find themselves in the similar line of fire Jesus and disciples faced when encountering the Pharisees.

Part of the beauty of being identified with the Churches of Christ is the growing interest and devotion to peeling away the religious habits which have been done so long it was assumed the apostle Paul did church the same way. We simply have proof among ourselves we have a long way to go; scholars and common folk alike.

For any who believe we have completely restored the N.T. church, how do you think Jesus or Paul would feel if they could see us pinch a crumb from a plate and sip a tablespoon of grape juice and call it any sort of supper.....let alone the Lord's? By His mercy we are part of the church of Christ, very much in the wonderful state of kindergarten. I look forward to years of continuing to grow into the system of the real church of Christ.


BrotherRay said...

You could be right the church of Christ may be a denomination. I am always questioning the way things are done.

I have grown up in the church and have seen things done much the same where ever I attended.

Like you I find very little to explain how to conduct a service. Our examples indicate preaching, singing, breaking of bread on the first day of the week.

I have not found error in content over the years with the church of Christ and their attempt to be a NT church which is why I attend. However, they do seem to be a franchise and a fast food one at that. Worship is done in an hour. I do not get the indication that is how it was done in the NT church.

Like you I love the church of Christ and I to look forward to peeling away the habits and traditions to get to the real church


Anonymous said...

Terry and Ray
Larry Wishard
P.S. To Terry, I was with two sisters in Christ in the last two days who raved to me about how the workshop had transformed them to love Jesus more. Dramatically so. I am not surprised that Satan wants to discourage. One of the ladies was in our home Sunday evening and is a single lady and witnessing mightily and successfully to her daughter, son in law, son, daughter in law and four grandkids. Keep up the good work.
Larry Wishard

David U said...

Terry, what a fantastic post! I think you are dead-on accurate. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck.....it probably is a duck.
In so many ways we function just like so many other denominations, so why do we continue to claim we aren't one? I think it's mostly about pride. Yes, our fruit does betray us.

Love you bro!

P.S. Have you read "The Barbarian Way"? If not, by it today!

David U said...

or maybe even BUY it today......duh


Jill said...

Awesome post, Terry! I couldn't agree more! Love, Jill

Stoogelover said...

I agree with you 100%, but this will not gain you many friends among our denomination!

Leon Mission Effort said...

My heart said, "WHAT?! Protect the church, love the church, fight for the church, Christ died for the church...", but my head said "he's right, God alone is perfect and holy!" Thanks for being brave enough to make us look at ourselves and take another look at the Word!

Liz Moore said...


Love ya!

Tim said...

spot on!

God Bless!

Tim Martin

Danny said...

Yes we are denominational- in thought and in practice.

Often I have noticed the harder we try to argue that we aren't- the more we become that way.

Timeshare Jake said...

I tried the Church of Christ for a few months. I found this fight to claim they aren't a denomination and their claim they are the only church that does it the way God intended it to be arrogant. Pride is a sin my friend, and there was too much pride in the church that clouded God's message of love. I won't return.