Monday, April 02, 2007


My friend Cindy Ezell slipped through to the other side Saturday morning just before sunrise. Death, especially of close friends, rips my heart. The sadness we encounter as kingdom participants is deeply weighty. I live with tears just so anxious to break through anyway. To watch family and friends grieve on any occasion is the ultimate pain.

However, even these moments are graced with His markings. Even in these settings there is such gigantic hope in Him. I find myself being like Mary and Martha saying to God, "Where were you? We've been dealing with potential death around here, and you could have stopped this." But all believer's know God has the precise and perfect timing involved in everything; including death. Our aching hearts are minor to those of the God-head. We simply get a glimpse of how much our Lord really cares. We saw it in Jesus. We feel Him feeling for others through's called ministry....God reaching through us and out to others.

It would be a much truer sadness to encounter these times with the heart of a doubter. Then the burden would increase so much stronger as all could be said is, "The End". For us, it is not the end. It is the process of eternity hitting us; making us realize there truly is more to life than what we can see.

II Cor. 4:16-18


Stoogelover said...

As a funeral director, I work so many services when, in fact, it is "the end" for people. I never fail to be saddened by their hopelessness.

Liz Moore said...

Terry, Tim preached on this very subject yesterday. One thing he said that has really stuck with me is "The earth is a big tomb and one day Jesus will come and roll the stone away and tell us all to rise again. It's Friday and Sunday is coming"

What a great day that will be! I will be praying for you and rejoicing for the day when the tomb is rolled away. Love you!

David U said...

Steve Smith told me about Cindy's passing. I will be prayerful for Tom and the entire Ezell family.

I know you are a blessing to them at a time like this.


Bobby Cohoon said...

Good thoughts.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the encouragement Terry! i love the "turn loose the inner man." Keep it up!