Tuesday, January 09, 2007


March 22-24, 2007 assumes to be marvelous. Check out the excitement building at www.tulsaworkshop.org. What an array of events being assembled: new classes for kids 8 to 10 years old, Forums for four specialty groups, the old standby speakers while usually 30% of the speakers are rookies!

The Tulsa Workshop is never a dull routine for me. We work on each year two years at a time. Think about it. I am now working on '07 AND '08 both! How fun!

Share with me...I want to hear your heart...what is the Tulsa Workshop like for you? What has it done for you? What does it mean to you?


Anonymous said...

The workshop changed me from dutifully going to church Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night to having a joy in being a Christian that I never thought possible as a Church of Christ person. I didn't know "church singing" could be so uplifting. I heard acappella in a new way. There were tapes my family listened to all the time. My children were just starting their teen years and the music at the workshop was something they loved and listened to in their car and at home. Before going to the workshop, we sang at church because we were suppose to. My children (and sometimes me) didn't relate to the songs from the 1700 and 1800's. They weren't even sure what some of the words meant. Now, as a church secretary, the workshop is where I get my B-12 shot for the year and it is something my grown children and now grandchildren look forward to every year. Thank you Memorial church and Garnett church for taking on that responsibility!


Brad said...

I want to know how you become one of those "rookie" speakers.

Do you have to kneel towards Tulsa three times a day? No problem. Pay homage to Terry, Wade and Marvin with a skywriter? I'll do it. Wash you and Wade's cars for the week of the workshop? No problem. A $20 under the table? Done. Chant the mantra, "Terry is tall and beautiful" from workshop central over the microphone? It's a done deal.

Seriously, I love the workshop and have been coming every year since 1990. It is the highlight of my year. I am fed deeply, encouraged immensely and have my calling renewed as a preacher every time.

I do resent the fact that my daughter and niece still think you're the greatest preacher they've ever heard. Keep an eye out for Megan and Kaley this year. They've grown up, but they still love you. Can't wait for March 21st!!

Stoogelover said...

Brad, I've asked Terry a time or two to let me speak at Tulsa. Nothing yet, so good luck! At this point in my life / ministry, I no longer care to speak at lectureships. No "sour grapes" ... just a different place in my life.

Terry, I was only at Tulsa only one time and it was years ago with my mother. We came by your office and you gave us "the tour" of the Cardinal Museum. It was the year some guy was leading us in prayer on the final night while there was a tornado warning alarm going off in the background! Not just a warning, but a tornado had actually touched down very close by. While the winds roared and the building shook a little, this guy went on and on and on. I don't remember too many heads bowed or eyes closed. We were all looking around at the last people we thought we would see in this life! It was the longest prayer I've ever endured. That year was also the first time I'd ever heard Randy Harris speak and I was hooked on him. I've always hoped to get back, but never have. Tulsa Workshop, though, is a huge blessing to those who are able to attend. And that is, in large part, because of your influence.

Anonymous said...

i just got through listening to you from last year's workshop. i have never been, but would like to attend, but i don't think that i will be able to afford to travel there with my family.

i love the humor of randy harris. i would love to sing with keith lancaster. one day maybe ...

JD said...

HOPE. Tulsa Workshop offers most of us the hope that we can move beyond pettiness and small-mindedness to believe in a God who CAN...and WILL. Oh, I could write a book about Tulsa Workshop. This is, I guess, 25 years or so of attending if the Lord lets me attend this year. I can't give it up!

Ken, ride with us. I'm trying to get a group up to go in our church bus!

Anonymous said...

jd, that would be awesome! let me see how it would be finacially and if kristin's soccer season has the openings.

Anonymous said...

Pure Joy and a little bit of heaven on Earth!! That's how I describe the workshop. We have been going for 11 years and it's one of the highlights of our year. To be around Christians who just want to learn more and praise God is an awesome thing. We also love reconnecting with old friends. Can't wait until March!!

David U said...

I attended my first workshop last year, and don't ever intend to miss another one! AWESOME!

Thanks Terry for ALL you do!


Anonymous said...

To echo others comments, it's my spiritual "boost" to get me through another year. A glimpse of what heaven will be like, when we see an old friend and joyously say, "you made it!!" The only drawback is going back to my home congregation and wishing everyone else was on fire, too! Not only do I never miss the workshop, I rarely miss the "Feeding of the 5000" on Workshop Wednesday Night!

Anonymous said...

Terry, I was at the very first Tulsa Workshop. What a time we had trying to "hear" everyone when all that was separating the speakers in the exhibition hall was a thin curtain. Ha!! But, over the years it has only gotten better. I met you once after I had written you a long letter. You answered my letter and told me that it had come at a time when you had just been lambasted by someone with a very narrow mind and you really appreciated it. You sent me one of your baseball cards. I still have the letter and card. I wish I still had the tape of one of your sermons that had really made an impression on me. It was the late '80's. It was something along the line of "Being out on a limb". Not sure if that was the title or not, but it had to do with how we get all caught up in our own laws. That was such a powerful sermon, I had actually listened to it on tape and wrote it out in long hand so I would be able to read it often. I cannot locate it now, but it is still ingrained in my mind as I used to listen to it every morning on the way to work. Thanks for your example.
P.S. Found your blog through a friends.
In His Steps,
Linda Hogue McKnight