Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I love American Idol. It's been good for me to practice not hating Simon. I actually like him, now. The past couple of weeks have been tryouts.

H-O-R-R-I-F-I-C. Some are stars-in-the-making and some will need counselling after the brutal and sarcastic treatment they received. But I saw something in the negative part of the program which awakened me to one of our hidden riches.....REJECTION.

Rejection is a test which leaders and children must learn to pass. No one climbs any ladder in any field without learning to handle rejection well. For me, this was one of my weakest links. I was raised rejected. All I did with it was learn to hate it.

Jesus, though, is the epitomy of this issue. He is the rejected cornerstone. If we are to follow him, we are to be certainly rejected. Therefore, we must arise into the realization that being disregarded in opinion or in idea or in person is a hidden richness from the walk of Jesus.

Sunday I was invited to speak in chapel at the Cardinal's baseball camp. I had acute laryngitis. My own body rejected an opportunity dear to my heart. I stood in my room on Sunday morning with hands lifted and whispered to God how much I praised him for this problem....that even it would be credited as honor to Him. I did not speak in chapel and I was content.

"Therefore I am well content with weaknesses, with insults, with distresses, with persecutions, with difficulties, for Christ's sake; for when I am weak, then I am strong." II Cor. 12:10


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you missed your chance to speak. What a blessing you would have been to those who heard you. But instead, what a blessing your example on not speaking is to those of us who read your words. You constantly make me strive for more in myself. Thank you for your words of blessing. For in my rejections, I can choose to let Christ show through. Love you today!

Anonymous said...

"...being disregarded in opinion or in idea or in person is a hidden richness from the walk of Jesus."

Dude, I'm rich! :-)

It's been a tough place to learn to reside, but you are so, so right that there are riches there beyond compare. Some of the things I'm most passionate about (ranging from loving gay people to unity in Christ) are subjects that due to their nature alone are *guaranteed* to garner opposition, misunderstanding, rejection...

Long gone are the days of making *everyone* on all sides happy (though I still wish I could be the Pollyanna!). That used to be my goal. No wonder I was silent much of the time!

But to find that contentment in being joined with Christ in these things sets me free to love, esp. to love those who aren't on board with me!

Sure hope you're feeling better!

BTW, I dreamed that Simon Cowell called me last night. Weird, huh.

Anonymous said...

God must have known that they weren't ready to hear what you had to say. Maybe next year.

Stoogelover said...

TR: You are the first person to make any sense of the present AmIdol travesty! I watched it for the first time last season, but came in on the final 24 contestants. This season I decided to start at the first and it's been more and more difficult to watch because I get tired of how awful some of those people are ... and how awful some of them treat the judges ... and how awful some are treated by the judges.
On the other hand, Simon - caustic as he can be - is usually dead on. And some of those people need to hear exactly what he has to say to bring them back to reality. So I guess this makes me totally undecided as to what to do for the remainder of this season!

Anonymous said...

As you know, you're speaking my language.

In the forefront of our minds we need a healthy recollection of the unconditional acceptance offered by the Father through the rejected Son.

Otherwise, we would simply want to curl up in the fetal position and never get out of bed. Rejection is that painful.

Liz Moore said...

Terry, I just thought I would let you know, I was looking back at your blog and noticed that my comment posted as anonymous. It was the first comment. I don't know why that happened. Anyway, just wanted you to know I wasn't trying to be anonymous :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Terry: I read this blog and laughed because I know just how you feel. Due to ongoing sinus allergies and just my bodie's weaknesses, I Lose my voice about three times a year. It is always at the worst times! Spring (Easter)or Workshop time (also spring), Christmas, etc. I was created by God to sing and I love to serve him by singing. Yet so often, at key times, I have to sit down. I always feel that God is keeping me humble! He wants me to be quiet at times. It is so Hard! I know that in heaven, I will have a job for eternity. Thanks for the blog, I will smile the rest of the day and next time I loose my voice, I will remember you. Love, Lynn

Anonymous said...

I thought maybe I should clarify something, I am not laughing at your situation. I am smiling at the fact that God is in control. Even when we think we want to do a mighty work, he says, "I will do the work", you just be where you are supposed to be (in Him). Usually at some non-eventful time (or a regular Sunday), I find that my voice and spirit are full. Then God can minister and I can be his vehicle. I blend in, but he is glorified. Love Lynn