Friday, January 12, 2007


Fiery Friday is a day I've designated to counteract all the insensitive cold-water-throwing upon great ideas, wonderful projects, or amazing people. We choose to toss gasoline words upon greatness to see increased explosion of hope and joy. We build up by firing up!

Today let's heap gasolinic words onto Mike Cope. He's rehabbing from knee surgery. Let's pelt him with explosive phrases of cheer.

Mike is way too cool. He blesses the Kingdom everywhere he turns. A lectureship, workshop favorite, he has a knack of being genuinely normal. How many times is "Cope" quoted and he hasn't the foggiest he'd been honored? How many million times is "Cope" read from the pews of Blogville Church? How many times do we encounter him and our common vocabulary gasps for oxygen as we so wish we could say better what our minds already believe about his touch upon our happy hearts.

My heart desires to pour flamable wonder upon his life today that he might be made aware of at least a small smidge of the greatness he is to us. I want him to tuck our comments away for those dreary days when he wonders if he does any good for anybody anywhere.

What would you pour upon Mike Cope?


Stoogelover said...

Cope stays amazingly fresh and cutting edge. Don't always agree with something he might post on his blog, but I'm there every day (as I am here) to see what he's written. I've never heard him speak that I didn't leave very glad I was there. And he would be glad to know I've never stolen one of his sermons!

Terry Rush said...

Greg, that was good! I've never stolen any of his sermons either, but due to my deep-rooted inferiorities, I feel like I did.

I know in last Sunday's sermon I sure gave Jesus a lot more credits!

Shawn said...

I had the joy of getting to sit at the feet of this great preacher his last year at Harding. I would come back early to Searcy from weekend trip to catch his Sunday night series on the book of Mark. For the first time the words came to life to me. I will be forever grateful that I was able to listen to this man during that year of my life. Since then, I try to catch him any time I have an opportuntiy. Mike, if you are reading, thank you for all that you did in introducing me to a relationship with God that I never dreamed was possible. My prayer for you as that God will continue to revive you and fill you and cover you with the gift of preaching. May God bless you and your family...esspecially as you enter the world of being a grandparent.

Shawn Mayes

Hoots Musings said...

What a sweet way to recognize a humble servant. I would never walk up and just start talking to Mike, so thank you for this opportunity.

For the longest, I would hear Mike Cope and wondered if Joey Cope, had a long lost brother. I finally heard Mike speak in Midland two years ago. Something he said stuck with me and gave me hope. I cannot even remember the sermon, but he said God counts the tears of a mother for her lost (estranged) children. His words, which were from God, gave me hope, and today the relationship has been restored with my child.

Mike, thank you for listening to the Spirit and being his eloquent messenger.

Anonymous said...

I love the reference to "blogville church" and since that is really the only way I've gotten to enjoy Mike Cope I'll toss gasoline that way. I have been amazed at the lives he's touched that way, and he is spectacularly gentle and encouragingly humble. I am always impressed with the way God uses him and the life he's led.

Anonymous said...

You never lack for words, do you Terry? "Blogville church". That is so Rushish! I am excited to be part of that church! Since my first introduction to your blog, I have been blessed daily and forced to think beyond the norm. Mike Cope and one of his "commenters" (am I making up words now?) were the source of some discussion just recently between my Prayer Partner and I. He probably has no idea how far his influence travels. Mike, you are definitely a "seed-sower."

Stoogelover said...

Is it true the blogville church uses the keyboard? Can we fellowship those who do not? How long before we split into daily blog members (the more faithful) and occasional (backsliding) blog members? Just curious!! :)

Anonymous said...

Guacamole. that's what I would pour on him.

Mike is the grandfather of this blog church. There are lots of folks who started blogging by reading him.

But you are right that he blesses the Kingdom everywhere he turns.

Big Mac said...

When Mike was a senior at Harding, he preached for about 3 months at a small town church in Sheridan, Ar. He usually brought along with him a very pretty little blond haired girl, who bacame his bride that spring. They spent several Sundays in our home as we learned to know and love them like family. I guess I became a prophet that spring, and my one and only prophecy has come to pass far beyond what I imagined at that time. The prophecy? Oh I just told Mike that if he continued in the way he was going, he would one day be one of the "big guns" preachers in the c of c. In his modesty he just laughed and blew that off. That modesty and humbleness and total dedication to God and God's people has led him to be used by God as few men are. But we must also give him credit for his keen intellect and much hard work in preparation for this service. He has also had to endure many attacks by the spiritual muggers out there . Like attack dogs thy never let up, but are constantly nipping his heels. Like most everyone else I don't always agree with what he writes, but so what, no one can agree with eveyone, and the good part is we don't have to. The important thing is that he is a servant who serves whole heartedly and is loved by thousands. He provides instruction and inspiration for so many!!!! God bless you Mike, I love you!
Doyce Hall

JD said...

Mike, you are one of the most influential leaders among churches of Christ. I perceive that you did not attempt to grapple your way to the top of the heap by self-promotion. I believe God placed you there as He desired for this day and time. I do not think I have ever met you, but have listened to you for decades. Thanks for the way you have shared Jesus Christ with multitudes. Thank you for being vulnerable with your hurts and infectious with your joy.

Mike said...

Wow. I'm lying here on my back with my right leg in a machine that keeps moving it and my Powerbook on my chest -- and come across this. Thanks so much, friends. Terry, how kind to include this.

Doyle, you were a great encourager at a very important time in my life. You may recall that after that cute blonde and I returned from our honeymoon, we came through Sheridan just to say "hey."

From the Icy Lands of Abilene,


Anonymous said...

Mike is a very gifted speaker. I always enjoy listening to him. May God continue to bless him as he serves and bless so many in the kingdom.