Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's a Haggard week

Ted Haggard surely has caused much stir. Blogs and emails contain sensitive and well-thought-out comments. The new merciful nature of Jesus seems prevalent in most compared to gnashing of teeth. One note which passed by informed readers that James Dobson and Tommy Barnett would be evaluating Haggard's spiritual and emotional base for the purpose of giving him healthy counsel.

My question is: Do we get it that Dobson and Barnett are in the same boat as Haggard and we are in the same condition as Dobson, Barnett, and Haggard? The Romans 3:23, all have sinned and fallen short is packed with mighty and deep sin and irrecoverably short. Somebody's got to pay for this mess! James 2:10 still prods us to accept a truth we tend to hedge upon, if you are guilty of one sin, you are guilty of all.

Ted Haggard's sin isn't to be regarded lightly. It's the dropped jaws of Christians that disturbs me. Our personal sin we accept with a shrug of it's not that bad. While immorality may not have been carried out in your flesh, there's reason to believe Jesus said if it's in the heart it's the same. Few, very few, would enter a school firing a weapon. Murderers we regard ourselves as not. Yet, Jesus claims that to be angry with a brother is murder.....and we yawn and shrug. At least we are no Haggard.....but we are.

Ted Haggard being exposed is not the devatation of the week. It's discussing the likes of him as if we aren't exactly like him.
Squeaky clean from sin is surely to be celebrated; yet, all have such opportunity only because Jesus makes us exception for any who considers him/herself as having done a fairly good job of avoiding pitfalls. We are ugly wretches cleansed only by the blood of Jesus.

The kingdom is about restoring the ugliness of mankind to the beauty of His Son...II Cor. 5:14-21. That includes Ted Haggard and you.....and me.


Liz Moore said...

It's amazing to me how we as humans can see so clearly the faults of all of those around us. And sadly, sometimes even more so for Christians. When we start examining the sin in our own lives, it becomes much harder to examine it in the lives of others. Thanks for the reminder.

As I read your words I can feel the passion you have. It gives me a mental picture of actually watching you speak and being able to see your passion and the love of Christ that pours so freely from you. It makes me smile! I am so glad that you have chosen to share with others through blogging. Now I don't have to wait until Tulsa every year to see and hear you speak God's words. Blessings.

Rick L said...

Terry, you are so right on this. It is a constant struggle to remember that the same cleansing blood that washes away the stain of my sin is continuously purging sin from others also. Those who are so visible when they fall should be a vivid reminder to each of us that we too are in Satan's sights. His deceptions spare none.

Anonymous said...

I love that you would say this. It absolutely kills me how we expect so much more from our leaders / ministers than we would from ourselves, as though they were any less human or more bulletproof to sin and Satan's arrows than anyone else.

Good call, Terry.

Dusty said...

Dad, John Alan Turner wrote a really great article about Ted Haggard that sort of gels with what you've wrote. It's definitely worth the read. His blog is

Danna said...

Man, isn't this the truth! I was just thinking about some things that have been going on with B lately. He's having a hard time seeing the difference between truth and lies and admitting he was wrong. As I am getting so frustrated with him and the situation, I realize just how like him I am.

Love you! And welcome to blogland!

Angie said...

You're a natural born blogger, Terry! I waited to comment here (just to see if you'd last!). And every time I peek in on your blog I leave with a full heart.

It makes me so happy to read your approach to Haggard and correlation to our own sin. Happy b/c I know people love you and listen to you. I know they'll hear the heart of God in this.

I'm so, so weary of all the polarizing conversations... You're red or blue, saint or sinner, pro-whatever or anti-whatever, good or evil... Well, I'm all of that and more. Depends on what day you catch me on.

Thank God I'm His. That's all that matters.

Thanks for your heart and your blog, my friend!

Jim Martin said...

Terry-- A very, very good post. I agree very much with you. Thanks for reminding us all of our common sinfulness.