Monday, April 23, 2018


Faith is a major entity of the human course.  Temptation to move along by our own wisdom or our insecurities is strong; very, very strong.  Faith sees where eyes can't.  Faith takes us where hesitation won't.  To walk by faith is to possess an inner determination which defies all odds, all uncertainties, and all opponents.

We must possess the strength to push back against our own fleshly nature; our nature toward safety as well as our tendency to see that we are in control.  The fearful often seem to have the loudest voices of "legitimate concern".  Oddly, these cowardly present themselves as the saving grace of the group.  However, the minority of the courageous, the bold, and the brave lean upon Jesus much more than one's understanding.

Faith isn't necessarily a walk in the church park.  It is the most defiant inner directive of mankind.  It believes when there is currently no reason to do so.  As blank as the future appeared to be, when Jesus was placed in the tomb, the potential grandeur is so staggering that God tries to train us to believe when hope seems to have fizzled.

Keep the pushback going.  Overwhelmed?  Buried in stress?  Oh...most certainly...and quite often I might add.  Yet, our muscle and our insight aren't the keys to escape these torturers of our walk.  The reality of the risen Saviour is.  We keep the pushback going with daring strides because we are more tightly linked to positive, lively Jesus than to any negative, draining circumstance.

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