Wednesday, April 25, 2018


The world of God is beyond strange.  It is always on the grow.  How ironic that the biggest battle over new concepts comes from congregational settings.   Church after church, member after member...all battle an endless and fatiguing war of the new.  Some make the adjustment quickly while others become devoted to ending any such drive.  But these latter combatants choose not to label it as growing in the Lord.  Their/our/my cry is directed at warding off words like "new" and "change".

The Kingdom is most baffling to God's followers because these two words bring mixed reviews.  They stir enthusiasm and ambition in some; yet trouble and heartburn for others.  However, it is a clear biblical principle that each disciple is to perpetually advance (grow/increase) into the realm of the next level of followship and fellowship.  We are not to be baptized...and then fossilized.

I was reading an article today about the Chicago Cubs manager, Joe Maddon.  Maddon is the oldest manager in the Majors.  He is quite successful at his role and his team gives my Cardinals a firm challenge year after year.

At age 64, Maddon has a most intriguing insight.  "I feel like I've always remained contemporary, not by plan, but I've always been curious."  He continued, "We are all raised in different generations.  And whatever generation you come from, you're always going to have an old-school method to it.  You know, from when you grew up.  But in referencing the past, you have to stay current with what's going on now--or even what's occurring down the road."

The magic word of that interview to me is "curious".  From that comment one can determine that this manager is most exhilarated by the success of now; yet is attentive to what else can develop.  Curious.  This word inspires because, for me, it wonders what else can be.  What could become?  What would take place if?  How might we reach more, teach more, believe more, improve more?

This trait, or the lack of it, seems to consistently separate the dreamers from the regulators; the flexible from the rigid.  I've seen both, thought like both, and been both.  One lives in consistent aggravation while the other pursues yet an alternate perspective to draw more into the Kingdom Life.

How does one age new?  How is it that we can reflect the biblical truth that we really are newer day by day?  One of the ways is to grow new, think new, believe new, in awe of God that such is His idea.  It is up to us to see that the concept of faith...even as some visit us on Sunday a lively movement forward rather than a scene of taking us back in time.  With God, even churches are to age new.

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