Wednesday, April 04, 2018


Let there be incredible wonder take place within your very personal reach.  Change the world from pessimism to optimism.  Challenge the status quo.  Arise to the resurrection power of Jesus by carrying the surging dynamic of hope everywhere your foot treads.

People don't want to know how much we know.  They really can't take in how much we care until a certain communication exudes from our very being; hope.  In the political realm, bemoan all you want.  Or...hope.  In the religious realm, quarrel and fret til the cows come home.  Or...hope.

How is it that hope can be so transformative?  It dares to balk at believing that the negative issues in our lives are permanent.  Hope lifts the face-look from scowl to smile.  Too, it even reverses sad eyes to sparkle.  His grave is empty and hope endures.

Hope in your heart is a legitimate and quite obtainable factor.  In the very center of where the majority sit in frustration and aggravation at this very moment, there are a random few who have the guts to dare hope.  It will be the latter who encounter victory.

Carry hope in your heart.  Of course there are discouraging factors...everywhere we turn...for all of us.  It isn't that some have stress while others don't.  The good news is that these intended distractions are very capable of producing...of producing the wonder-power of God's inclusive hand when we...carry hope in our hearts.

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