Thursday, April 12, 2018


Each believer is gifted by God.  Each has strengths that serve the flock well.  It may be organizational tactics or your gift might be found in serving others.  There are many variationalistic traits of leadership skills among us.  Our call is to exercise our gifts with great joy as well as gratitude to God for His reach to us via the Holy Spirit economy of talent.

We must be cautioned to maintain awareness to the truth that, while each of us is gifted in one area, we are lacking in many areas.  The foot cannot say to the hand, "Why don't you approach Kingdom life the way I do...the right way?"  The eye is not like the ear.  Yet all four are significant components of the body-life.

The eye is not to live in quiet, self-satisfied arrogance that it is pleased to no end that it was chosen by God to be the seer rather than the hearer.  It is the ear that often warns to the eye to look toward safety.  It is the hand that opens the door in order for the foot to walk one into the house.

One's bent toward personal giftedness must never be inwardly framed as superiority over another person.  We are not better than others.  No one ever is.

Be thankful for your blessings from God.  Pool such treasures with others who have different gifts than yours.  Without the Spirit operating from within, each of us is a glob of self-serving nothing.  With Him, however, we find ourselves able to participate in this wonderful arena called successful society of God-followers.

May we shed the temptation to thank God that we are not like others.
Luke 18:9-14

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